Chris - $800 / month plus GST

Rope Horse Training

Horses booked for rope horse training will take priority for Chris's booking schedule.  Chris accepts horses in this category year-round.

Riding Horses

Horses already started under saddle are accepted year-round.  These horses will learn to handle pressure, stay quiet and go home with a better handle. 

Colt Starting

Colts must be 3yrs old or younger.  Chris will no longer start colts older than 3yrs.  The winter months (November through March) are the best months to try and book colts to be started.  Book early as his schedule books quickly for this category.  Please expect a waiting list of several months.

Ronda - $750 / month plus GST

Barrel Horse Training

Ronda accepts only a few horses in for barrel training.  Horses looking to be started, finished, or corrected on the barrel pattern are accepted year-round.  Horses need to have a certain number of skills prior to being accepted.  If any horse is sent without enough skills, they will be transferred to Chris's riding program (at $800/month) for a full month prior to barrel work.