Propect Pen

  • BOONS SWEET SPOT ("Movin")

  • 2013 Brown Filly
  • Not Priced
  • Movin

  • CBHI Super Stakes nominated.

  • A Boonlit baby! Another good looking prospect. Will be big and strong.  Is by a proven producing mare.



  • 2013 Sorrel Colt
  • $3,500 
  • Hefner

  • A Boonlit baby!  His full brother was sold by Shayne Smith at the Bloodstock Sale during the CFR (Nov 13, 2015) and was HIGH SELLER at $10,500! 

    This cross makes small, athletic colts that are easy movers, extremely cowy and very trainable.

  • BOONS CHECKMATE ("Ronnie")

  • 2013 Chestnut Colt
  • Not Priced
  • Ronnie

  • A Boonlit baby!  Excited to see this one grow up.  Purchased off a client mare.  Should make a nice head horse propsect.

    This colt shows a ton of grace in his movement.  To be started in May 2015.


  • 2013 Gray Filly
  • Not Priced
  • Flo

  • A big running bred filly from a running stud from Utah.  She has a sweet curious disposition.  Will be used in our broodmare band when she's old enough.


  • Chix Dig My Daddy

  • 2014 Sorrel Filly
  • Not Priced
  • filly

  • CBHI Super Stakes nominated.  SK Barrel Bonanza eligbile.

    A Boonlit baby!  She has some size and stretch to her, as well as a lot of elegance.  Is by a proven producing mare.