About Us


SF Performance Horses is a subsidiary of SF Ranching, owned and operated by Chris and Ronda Sayers.

The ranch is part of the original homestead in existence since 1881. The original Sayer Farms (hence the "SF") was transitioned from the family grain farm to a commercial cattle ranch. This environment exposes our performance horses to commercial and long-horn cattle, as well as the jobs of ranch life.

About Chris and Ronda

After 7 years together, Chris Sayers and Ronda Smith were married in June 2006. This couple spends their spare time in the practice pen, training and conditioning their horses.

Chris Sayers has a number of trades under is belt. He's a horse trainer, starting colts and rope horses for clients. He's a journeyman farrier from Oklahoma state. He has a diploma in Livestock Production from Vermillion College, AB. He has Certificates in Horse Breeding, Transported Semen, and Fundamentals of Equine Frozen Semen. He's a team roper who prefers the Heading side, with a number of trophy saddles and buckles to his name.

Ronda Sayers comes from an equine family, with her parents owning a riding stable - Sunshine Stables and Arena near North Battleford, SK. Her two brothers (Shayne and Randy Smith) are also in the equine industry. She's a team roper and barrel horse trainer. She's a previous High School Rodeo contestant and a multiple barrel futurity winner on prospects she's personally trained. She holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree, with honours, from Queen's School of Business, Queen's University in Kingston, ON. She does contract work on the side (College instruction, website analysis, marketing strategy, etc.).

Mission Statement

SF Performance Horses seeks to develop quiet, well-rounded performance horses that are suitable for team roping, barrel racing and other performance events.

We are thankful to our previous customers and are pleased to see them keep in touch for news on our upcoming prospects, to recommend our horses to friends, and to travel near and far to purchase (from the local areas, across Western Canada, to California).

SF Training Program

SF Performance Horses are taught reining basics, worked on cattle in the round pen, used around cattle in-and-out of the arena, have a number of hours spent in the practice pen, and are finished through hauling to their respective events to compete and become seasoned. Each horse is dewormed and shod/trimmed on a regular schedule, and will also visit the Equine Dentist to start a regular maintenance program.


We enjoy a secluded spot with facilities that include: